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The easiest way for retailers to track lottery inventory and prevent losses.

360° lottery monitoring

If you sell lottery, you know that tracking your scratcher inventory is critical for detecting and preventing losses; but using handwritten logs or clunky back-office software can be time-consuming and unreliable.

Now there's a better way. LottoShield makes it extremely easy to track your entire lottery category, detect losses, and identify root causes to prevent future incidents.

LottoShield protects not only your scratchers, but also your online lottery, payouts, and non-activated packs. It even adds newly released games to your pricebook for you. It's incredibly easy to use, tamper-proof, and affordable. In the words of our happy customer, "If you sell lottery, you need LottoShield!"

Fast and easy

LottoShield is super easy to use, allowing your employees to capture inventory in seconds without fumbling with paper logs.


LottoShield adjusts to the way you operate your business. No need to change how you sell lottery or re-train employees.


LottoShield is tamper-proof and virtually impossible to manipulate. You can put your mind at ease knowing that LottoShield has your back.

Fast and easy installation

How it works

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Plug in

Place the LottoShield scanner next to your scratcher display and plug it into power.

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Your employees take inventory by scanning the scratchers every shift - a process that takes seconds.

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LottoShield automatically reconciles your inventory with your sales and with state lottery data.

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You'll receive detailed reports and analytics to help you diagnose and prevent losses.

$ 49

per month per store after 30-day trial

+$99 one-time device fee

Check No-risk 30 day trial with full functionality
Check Monitor scratcher tickets, packs, online lottery, and payouts
Check No contracts or hidden fees - cancel anytime
Check Automatic reconciliation with state records
Check Includes guided installation and support
Check Automatically adds new games to your pricebook


Frequently Asked Questions

Which POS systems does LottoShield support?
LottoShield supports Gilbarco and Verifone POS systems. We are members of the Gilbarco Passport POS Partners and Verifone Petro Partners programs.

We also support a number of web-based POS systems. To find out if we can work with yours, please contact us through the form below.
Does LottoShield track anything other than scratchers?
Yes. LottoShield tracks your online lottery (draw games) and payouts, reconciling them with state lottery records everyday.
Can I track scratcher packs that are in my stock room or vending machine?
Yes. LottoShield will show you a list of packs that should be in your stock room according to state lottery records. If any pack gets activated and goes missing, LottoShield will show you the exact time of activation so you can investigate.

If your store has a scratcher vending machine, LottoShield makes it easy to organize the packs that were placed in the machine and detect packs that go missing.
What if I don't have individual scratcher games as items on my POS?
LottoShield will still work for you! However, having individual games in your pricebook will allow us to provide more detailed information.

As an optional feature, LottoShield can automatically add new games to your price book as soon as they are released by the state lottery.
Does LottoShield know when the state lottery refunds a pack?
Yes. LottoShield knows when your packs get refunded by the lottery and adjusts your over/short accordingly.
Can I sell multiple packs of the same game at the same time?
Yes. If you are selling the same game in multiple bins simultaneously, LottoShield will track them all. You won't need to change anything.
How will I get notified if there's an issue?
Every morning you'll receive an email summary of the previous day highlighting any issues.
How can I investigate an issue?
LottoShield provides a detailed timeline of events leading up to any issue, including transaction-level detail with employee ID/name, scanned tickets, activated packs, and more. Once you pinpoint the timeframe, you can check your security footage to identify the root cause and take action to prevent further loss.
What if an issue gets resolved?
You can click 'Resolve' next to any issue and the over/short amount will be removed from your monthly totals.

Still have questions?

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